Family Teams

Family Teams & Finisher Tee Reveal

Keepin’ It In The Family

The Manhattan Beach 10k loves family and so we’ve created our event for families to race together. It is a way to make positive, healthy choices, while sparking a little competition! We offer 7 different family team categories comprised of 2 runners each. We are highlighting a few of those teams who participated in 2018 and asked them some questions about their experiences with the race:

  1. What is your most memorable MB10k moment?

  2. Do you have any race day traditions?

  3. Do you run together?

  4. What is your race day strategy?

  5. What is your favorite “unofficial” finish line?


Meet The Hongs

1st Place Father-Daughter

Abby’s Answers - She was also the 1st Place Female in 2018, btw!

1. My most memorable MB10k was in 2009. It was my second year running the race, and I was in the eighth grade. I dipped under the 50-minute mark for the first time and won my age division. The overwhelming support from the community all along the course and sense of accomplishment after beating my time from the previous year hooked me on the sport of running. It led me to join the Mira Costa Cross Country team the following fall and eventually continue my competitive running career in college at the University of Pennsylvania.

2. I don't like to be hung up on specific rituals or superstitions because these things can sometimes be out of your control on race day. 

3. We have never run side-by-side during the actual race but have run hundreds of miles together in training.

4. I was excited to be back home and have the opportunity to race the MB 10k for the first time since high school. Years of training and pacing have taught me to have a good grasp on what a comfortably hard pace should feel like. I trusted my training and racing instincts to lead me to a consistent performance and strong finishing time.

Joe’s Answers

1. The most memorable moment was my first MB10k in 2008.  It was memorable because during the last mile of the race, my 12-year-old daughter Abby passed me on the strand.  This was also her first MB10k.  From that moment on, I knew she would be a running phenom.  I’ve been chasing her since.

2. To get the extra kick, I must have my double concentrated coffee 1.5 hours before the race.  No exceptions.  No substitutions.

3. Yes, if you count trying to keep up with the fastest woman at the 2018 MB10k.  When we run together, I always end up with a good workout.

4. My racing strategy involves careful pacing based on my workouts.  Once I hit the strand, it is all-out, leaving nothing in the tank.

5. I haven’t reached or seen it yet.  Life is short.  The road is long.  I have to hurry.

From Left to Right ( Noelle Lem, Kolin Lem, Kris Lem, Kristen Lem ) MB 10k post race.jpg

Meet The Lems

1st Place Sister-Sister

Noelle’s Answers

1. This past year my nephew Kolin, Kristen’s son, ran his first ever MB10k race and first 10k at 9 years old!  Powered by the sugar doughnut my nephew inhaled on mile 4, Kolin held it, the doughnut, down the entire race and finished 3rd in his age group!  We’ve successfully passed along the family tradition of running the MB10k to the next Lem generation. 

2. Race day tradition is that we all meet at the finish line, snap a group photo with the MB Pier in the background, head to the hometown fair later that day for games and the beer and wine garden!

3/4. We don’t run together as sisters because we have different pacing and running styles but we meet up before and after the race.  Race day we decide if we are going to make it a fun run  (not run for time)  or if we are going to try run hard and beat our PR’s (Personal Records).  Also, we either start at the front of the race line or back so we don’t have to dodge around people and jeopardize our race times.

5. Shellback is our favorite “official” finish line! The race is not to the finish line, but to the bar!!! Gotta go to Shelly’s and grab a recovery cocktail post-race!


Meet The Fioritos

1st Place Father-Son

Alex & John’s Answers

1. A: I don't know, seeing all the bands?
J: Making it up and over Rosecrans the first time I ran.

2. A: Painting "MIRA COSTA" on our chests and wearing pink shorts.
J: I always start in the upper lane on Ardmore.

3/4. A: Start out comfortable and get faster throughout the race.
J: We run at the same time but I can't keep up with Alex anymore.

5. A: The Fresh Bros tent.
J: In 2018, Shellback.

Wanna Run As A Family Team?

Team entry is available on our website beginning September 1st!*

*Both team members must register first before entering as a family team.

2019 Finisher Tee

2019 Manhattan Beach 10k Finisher Tee

We are proud to show you the Finisher Tee for 2019! Manhattan Beach photographer John Post has once again captured a stunning image for this year’s Finisher Tee! Our shirts are the best ones out there. We pride ourselves in that we have managed to keep advertising off of them. It isn't a billboard for sponsor logos, it's a work of art! It's a high-quality blend, offered in your choice of long or short sleeve, sizes and styles subject to availability.

This year’s image captures the Manhattan Beach Pier from the shoreline looking north with waves, the beach and seabirds. - John Post

Visit John Post Gallery

John Post Gallery in Manhattan Beach, CA

Stop by the John Post Gallery, 808 Manhattan Avenue for the best original photographs of Manhattan Beach and the South Bay. 

John has something in the works this year to celebrate 50 years photographing and selling photos of the Manhattan Beach Pier. If you’d like to drop him an email at, he will forward you information about what it is and how you can participate. 

Registration Opens July 1st

Register online only at for the Manhattan Beach 10k & enjoy EXTRA SAVINGS from July 1 through July 10! Race day is October 5, 2019.

July 1st through July 10th prices are:

  • $25* 14 years old and under

  • $30* 15 years old and up

  • *+ processing fee

EXTRA SAVINGS will end July 10th at 11:59 p.m. PDT and prices will increase, so we encourage you to take advantage of this money saving opportunity now!

Added Bonus!

When you register by July 10th you will be guaranteed the t-shirt style and size that you request!

Village Runner 4th of July 5k

We will have a 4th of July themed booth at Village Runner’s Annual 5k! Visit us there to sign up for our race. As an added perk, you’ll be guaranteed your finisher tee in the size and style you want. Only credit cards will be accepted at this time and a processing fee will be added to your registration.

If you haven’t signed up for the Village Runner 4th of July 5k, you still have time! Online registration closes July 1 or you can register in their Redondo and Manhattan Beach stores.

We’ll be having an Instagram Giveaway starting June 24, 2019! Stay tuned in our next newsletter for more details or follow us on  Insta here .

We’ll be having an Instagram Giveaway starting June 24, 2019! Stay tuned in our next newsletter for more details or follow us on Insta here.



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Image Credits: Hong & Lem Families, Endurance Sports Photo, & John Post

All In The Family


Meet Matt

Matt is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet! One of his most endearing qualities is the value he places on family. He has participated in the Manhattan Beach 10K for several years and often as part of a family team. We hope you enjoy his story! If you see him on October 7, he'll greet you with a huge smile and a high five.

Our Q & A With Matt

You had a baby boy in January, congrats! How is life as a new dad?

Being a father couldn’t be sweeter, more exciting and fulfilling. I’m elevated when I look into Dean’s eyes, realizing he is discovering a new world at every moment and how lucky I am to play a part in his cinematic life. His smile outshines the sun. His mother, Dani, has proven the strength of a woman transcends this world. Her spirit and endurance is mesmerizing, her compassion is contagious. Having this experience as a father and husband couldn’t be more wonderful!

What are some traditions you’d like to pass along to your son?

It’s hard to say as there are so many. I’m inclined to say that I want Dean to discover as much tradition as he can by exposing him to the world, to people and to culture. Traditionally our family leads by example, always striving to be the best at what we do, to know who you are and to be yourself at all times; enjoying each moment as if it’s your first or your last. Competition is also a tradition of ours, whether among family, sport, scholastic or in your career. The Manhattan 10K, as an example, began as competition, then fun, then a connection amongst our family and ultimately became a tradition as each year the run represented something new and refreshing. Like 2016 representing the future birth of our son, and 2017 will be the celebration of his life.

We know you are all about family, why is your family so special to you?

Family is the core of your soul. Your foundation is built on your family and securing that foundation with love is the pillar of your character. Life’s first experiences derive from family and challenges in life are often overcome by the support you receive from family. I believe very much in tangible love, something that you can experience, touch, feel, embrace, learn from and connect with. Family is all of those and more. 

You have run with your dad in several MB10Ks as well as your siblings. Tell us about your experiences running as a family team.

My brother Eric is credited for bringing the Manhattan Beach 10K to our family. He grew up in PV along with my sister Jenny, then Hermosa and some time in Manhattan Beach. In 2003 Eric asked my girlfriend Dani and I, my future wifey, if we wanted to run. He lived off 8th street at the time and we all stayed at his house and then ran the next day. It was so much fun. Wonderfully organized race, perfect weather, friends, family and beer gardens afterward <grin, smile>. We had a blast. The next year more family joined and soon we were celebrating each year at my brother’s house and then running the race. It became a family tradition that we would run the race, then celebrate my brother's birthday at his house afterward with LOTS of food, smiles and making fun of those who had a tough time <LOL>. As we’ve gotten older running as a team became more important as it brought us together, training for a cause and uniting each other in a goal. I want to medal every year with my dad, share the stories with my son, and give him the medals that his Grandfather and I won together.

You have medaled many times, how do you proudly display your MB10K medals?

I have to laugh as I truly cherish the MB10K medals much more than those I’ve gathered at other races. Running has been a big part of my family’s life – my wifey medaling a few times as well. I do actually keep these medals on a pedestal at home – more for my family when they visit to evoke nostalgia and begin the fun discussion of remembering the times. These are keepsakes. The MB10K is a fun race, just enough challenge, but possibly not something a professional runner would mantel. But for us they mean so much more. In a way they are a time capsule.

You live in Orange County but continue to come up here for the race. Why do you keep running the MB10K?

Shoot – it’s Manhattan Beach - <LOL> - we run every year to bring our family together and enjoy the unbelievable tradition that Manhattan Beach created to give back to the community. Everyone that runs this race is having so much fun. Not only that, as you run everyone is outside their homes enjoying the spectacle, cheering and motivating. The music each mile lets you know you’re almost there and then the last stretch heading toward the beach and seeing the view of the ocean reminds you that life is pretty darn good. Finishing the race with family, taking pictures afterward, eating great food all while enjoying the scenery of the pier and ocean is quite addicting. I could give you a million reasons why we run this race. The #1 reason is to be with family, honestly.

Please Note!

Online Registration for the MB10K is going on NOW at and ends October 2, 2017.

In-store Registration opens this Friday, September 1st at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach and ends October 6th at 7 pm.


  • $30 Youth (14 & under)

  • $35 Adults

Family Teams

If you would like to form a family team, read the information below and then click here.*

*If the form doesn't load immediately, try at least twice and/or clear cookies from your device.

  • Both team members must be REGISTERED before they can be entered as a team
  • Team entries will be accepted until 10/6 @ 7pm
  • Team members must be a minimum of 9 years old

Questions? Please email us at

Team training starts NOW! :D

We offer SEVEN different family team categories comprised of TWO runners each: brother-brother, brother-sister, sister-sister, mother-son, mother-daughter, father-son, and father-daughter.

We also offer a 200+lbs division for men and women. There is no fee to be entered as a team and team members do not need to run together. Medals will be awarded to the top 10 combined finishing times in each team category.

Image Credits:  Matt McConnell



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Family Teams

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  • Team members must be a minimum of 9 years old

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Team training starts NOW! :D