Meet John Post


Meet John Post

John became a photographer in 1974 to share with others the amazing things he had seen and experienced for himself. Whether photographing exotic India, or hovering above Manhattan Beach in a helicopter, he has captured and shared with his audience many unforgettable images.

After serving in Vietnam, he went on to receive an Associate of Arts Degree in Photography and a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology. He has stocked his ANTHRO-GRAPHICS® (man and his environments around the world) with striking images of distant lands, familiar beaches, quiet geographic studies and soaring athletes. John has been published throughout his career and his images have appeared in advertising, corporate offices and individual homes of all sizes.

Known mainly for his captivating beach scenes, John sold his first ANTHRO-GRAPHICS® in 1975 and today, thousands of prints later, he has an established reputation in the photographic field.

We recently had the chance to ask this local gem a few questions about the MB10K.

Our Q & A With John

How did you get involved with the MB10K & join the committee?

I was somewhat involved from the beginning.  In 1976 my brother Mark and I started photographing 10Ks and marathons around California under the name ACTION PHOTOS.  Since we were pretty much the only ones taking photos of the runners, we knew all the runners and they all knew us.  When Russ Lesser and some other locals formed a group to have a Manhattan Beach 10K run we naturally got involved.  My brother was initially part of the group and one of our photographers (Gordy Cusick) designed the first MB 10K shirt.  We continued photographing 10Ks and marathons thru 1981.

How long have you been a member of the committee?

I think I officially became a member of the MB10K Committee in 1982.

When did you start designing the MB10K shirts?

I have been on the MB10K Shirt Committee for almost 30 years and have designed the shirts for the past 18+ years. I also did the re-design of the logo this year.

*The image on this years shirt I photographed in 1984, one of the last times the MB10K finished on the pier.

Can you tell us about your design process for the shirts?

First, I try to get input from the 10K Committee.  With that input I then do up several layouts and show them to the Shirt Committee to review.  I then take their comments and revise and refine the design until everyone likes it.

What do you love most about the MB10K?

It’s just fun!  I have always enjoyed watching runners and the flow of the human body in motion.  The excitement and challenges of the run and the expressions on the peoples faces of both the runners and spectators and the laughter, anguish and elation is all fun stuff as folks push their limits. Also the community appeal and bonding experience of such an event is great for the city.

Have you ever had the chance to run or walk it?

In the early years I ran some of the 10K runs (when I wasn’t photographing them).  The last time I think was in 1986 when the MB10K run still finished on the pier, I have a photo that shows me breaking 40 minutes, those days are long gone.

Some may not know this, but you also arrange for the bands to play along the course. Can you tell us more about this?

For the past 30 years I have been responsible for the official music on the course of which there are a minimum of 6 music groups. Over the years I have tried to provide a good mix of music style from Rock & Roll to Tubas.  A couple years ago I got our newest group, a Klezmer band that now plays at Valley and 1st Street during the run.

Some of the groups have been playing for us now more the 25+ years and the Hyperion Outfall Serenaders have been with the run since the beginning.

Visit John's Gallery

808 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 376-6982

Gallery Hours

Wednesday through Sunday
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

You can also check out his website by clicking here.

John has a booth during the Hometown Fair, be sure to stop by and check out his beautiful works there too!

Image Credit:  John Post


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And The Band Played On


We Are Unique

The Manhattan Beach 10K is unique in many ways. One special way that we set ourselves apart from other races is that we have bands along the course that play to entertain and motivate the runners as they head to that gorgeous finish line.

Today we are featuring one of these bands, Fallen Arches, formerly known as the Dennis O’Hanlon Assemblage. We were able to interview the founder Dennis O’Hanlon and Frank Giffen, who now manages the band.

Meet Dennis

We lived in Hermosa Beach for 30 years until 2009, when we moved to Gig Harbor, WA. My wife Bonnie and I often come down to see friends and play the 10K run gig. Bonnie and I have been playing on that same corner on Blanche since 1989.

We have always surrounded ourselves with musician friends. I am a semi-retired guitarist, bassist and singer.  Still do some gigs up here. I passed the band over to Frank Giffen a few years ago.  

Meet Frank

I found Dennis’ group the first time I ran the 10K.  I’d been enjoying the other bands along the route and as I was coming up the street I could hear, but not see, the band, and I thought, “That sounds like Dennis and Bonnie,” and then quickly discovered that it WAS Dennis and Bonnie and the others. I stopped and said “Hello,” Peter Yollin gave me his guitar and I played a song with them, then went back and finished the race.  

A year or two later, I left my guitar and amp with them beforehand and then ran the race, stopping to play another song when I got to that corner.  After that, Dennis invited me to play with them each year, and when he moved to Washington, he gave the gig to me.  

Peter and his son Max have played with me and a couple of former bandmates I recruited each year, and aside from the early call time, it’s a fun gig.  I love seeing co-workers, friends, and one year my daughter, running the race and calling out their names as they run by.  And of course, Dennis’ song is always a treat to sing.

The Manhattan Beach 10K Run Song

Dennis wrote a song entitled The Manhattan Beach 10K Run Song around 1995! It has been sung at every race since. We asked him some questions about the song and the race.

What inspired you to write the song?

The inspiration was all the fun those folks running by were having.  Most of the songs we did were running related..."Born to Run", "Walk Don't Run","Running on Empty", and of course near the end, the stragglers would hear something like "Baby Elephant Walk"  So I based my song on the Ronnette's hit that had the chorus, "Da do run run, da do run run". Mine has the riff "They do Run Run....

What’s your favorite memory about playing at the Manhattan Beach 10K?  

Bonnie and I loved seeing the folks who lived near our corner come out each year.  We saw, in 27 years, young families blossom.  Small children grew and went off to college.  Lovely to be a part of that longevity.

How was the corner on Blanche chosen as your spot to play?  

There was a bluegrass band on that corner way back in 1985.  They had been there for a few years, but opted not to continue.  John Post was a friend of mine from my old craft show days. He knew I was a musician and asked me if I wanted to do the gig.  For the first few years we were a bluegrass group, banjo, stand-up bass etc.  We morphed into more a contemporary band.

Sing Along

Now as you pass the Fallen Arches you can sing along with them!

The Manhattan Beach 10K Run Song

Verse 1:

They got up in the morning and they started the race

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

The leaders came by early and were setting the pace

They do run run, yeah, they do run run


Yeah, they came up the hill

Yeah, we were standing still

Yeah, it was such a thrill

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

Verse 2:

Some ran for glory, some ran for fun,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

Underneath Manhattan Beach’s morning sun,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run


Verse 3:

You all get a T-shirt for running along,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

We get a T-shirt for singing a song,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run


Verse 4:

They make a hard left and Rosecrans and head to the sea,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

They leave us behind and the armory,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run


Verse 5

They started the race looking fresh an neat,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run

Not even half way and they’re dragging their feet,

They do run run, yeah, they do run run


Early Registration For The MB10K

Pricing now - September 19th:

  • Register online at

  • Prices increase on September 20th

  • Online registration will close on September 26th

  • $30 Youth (under 15 years old)

  • $35 Adults

Please Note!

Registration in-store at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach is now open & closes September 30th.

  • Address: 1840 N Sepulveda Blvd.,  Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

  • Hours: 10-7 Monday through Saturday, 11-6 Sunday

There will be NO race day registration!

Image Credit: John Post

We'll see you at the starting line on October 1, 2016!

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