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Meet Barry Fisher 

Barry, along with his wife Kathy, own GROW in Manhattan Beach and Downtown Los Angeles. They specialize in farm-fresh produce, artisan cheeses, prepared meals, meat, fish & other gourmet groceries at their mom-&-pop markets. They have been a sponsor of the Manhattan Beach 10k since they opened their doors in 2006. Each year our racers make a beeline to the expo to grab handfuls of their refreshing grapes!

Our Q & A With Barry

Your produce shop GROW in Manhattan Beach opened in 2006, please tell us how you got your start.

It began with the need for a boogie board.  Our son sold fruit in front of our home to raise money for a boogie board.  We sourced fruit from growers whose fruit I export to Asia.  Our neighbors appreciated the quality and began leaving notes in our mail box with cherry orders for my son.  This is how we got the idea to open GROW.

Being from the Central Valley, how did you choose to settle in Manhattan Beach?

A good friend recommended Manhattan Beach when I was moving to a new company based at LAX.  The weather was picture perfect the day we arrived to look at homes.  We fell in love with Manhattan Beach and did not look at any other communities.  To this day we know we made the right choice.   

You recently opened a second location in Downtown L.A., how does this location differ from your Manhattan Beach spot?

The biggest difference is each shop’s customer base.  South Bay customers are typically families while DTLA is generally single people.  We took the Manhattan Beach model to DTLA and quickly learned we needed to make some dramatic changes for GROW to meet the needs of our new customers.  The prepared department, grocery and alcohol departments are the sales base for DTLA while produce, grocery and meat/fish are in MB. 

What do your markets specialize in?

GROW specializes in fresh produce, prepared meals, meat, fish, select groceries and artisan cheeses. 

Why should people shop at GROW vs other markets?

That is a great question.  I think the best way to answer this is from what customers tell me:

  1. "You have the best produce and my kids eat more of it because it tastes so good."
  2. "I trust the items in your store as I feel you take the time and care to insure they are good to eat and my family will enjoy them."
  3. "I have a hard time eating a filet at any restaurant since I can prepare yours better at home."
  4. "GROW is a local business who supports our community more than any other grocery store in Manhattan Beach."
  5. "I love that I can park my car right by the door, be in and out in less than 5 minutes with a great meal. I love the convenience."
  6. "Your morning delivery is perfect. I can order by midnight and everything is on my doorstep by 7:00 am the next morning. And you pick better produce than I can!"
  7. "I am a member of these cults: GROW salsa, GROW guacamole, GROW chicken noodle soup, GROW pork chops, GROW cherries."

You sponsor many South Bay schools and charities. What inspires you to give back to the community in this way?

We live here.  This is our community and we care about our schools.  Our children were taught from Grand View to MBMS then Costa.  We feel the schools in our community are the foundation of Manhattan Beach and deserve our support.

Now that we are in the midst of summer, what’s your favorite produce for this season?

It changes every week!  Most people will see “plum” or “yellow peach” at a typical grocery store.  What many people who do not shop GROW don’t realize is there are so many varieties of pluots, peaches, nectarines, plums and grapes.  We educate our customers about the differences. On stone fruit, they change about every 10 days or so.  Understanding this, my taste jumps around each week.  Today, I like the Red Phoenix pluot.  In about 10 days, we are going to have my favorite plum of the year- the Emerald Beaut.  What is great, customers have been asking for the Emeralds for over a month - they know what good fruit is. 

How long have you been a sponsor of the Manhattan Beach 10k?

We opened Sept 19, 2006.  We were at the MB 10k two weeks later cutting oranges.  I remember that day perfectly as I was cutting oranges until my left hand was numb. Runners are excited to see us at the finish line year after year! 

How did you first get involved with the race?

Our friends at Village Runner recommended we participate.  So glad they reached out to us.  This is the longest partnership we have had with a community event.

What can participants expect to see at your booth this year?

The same as the past two years- Pristine and Sweet Scarlet grapes.  Last year’s runners searched us out because of the great flavor and CRUNCH.  We love seeing people take a bunch then come back, then back, then back, then in the shop asking, “Where is that grape I had at the MB10k?”

What do you most love about the race?

Seeing our friends, neighbors and GROW customers after the race.  Love to hear shout outs from runners saying nice things about the shop and our great staff.  But what we really love is that we feel we are part of the community.

A Special Treat For You

Barry and Kathy have generously offered a double discount to our race participants! After you pick up your race bib from Village Runner, MB in October, take a few steps to your left and visit GROW for your food shopping. They will give you 10% off before the race and 10% off after the race when you show them your bib.

GROW South Bay

1830 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

9am-8pm, Mon-Fri
8am-8pm, Sat
8am-7pm, Sun

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  • $30 Youth (14 & under)

  • $35 Adults

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Online registration is open NOW at and ends October 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

In-store registration opens September 1 at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach and ends October 5, 2018.


Come celebrate the 41st running of the MB10k and run or walk - October 6, 2018 at 7:30am!  

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Can You Dig This?!

For The Love Of Manhattan Beach

Today we are highlighting two super resources for the city of Manhattan Beach -  DigMb and the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business & Professionals Association. DigMB is 100% local and 100% about Manhattan Beach and it should be your go to if you want to know about all the happenings here covering topics from the beach, to restaurants, to local school news. The Downtown Businesses of Manhattan Beach are your source for discovering why this beloved beach city is called "Heaven in flip flops".

Our Q & A With DigMB

DigMB is an awesome resource for the community of Manhattan Beach! What are the top 3 things you're currently digging about MB?

There is SO MUCH to do here in the summertime – it’s hard for me to keep up! With concerts, plays, and movies; world-class athletic events; and amazing activities and events at the beach, you could keep yourself and your family entertained all summer and never spend a dime. The Manhattan Beach Department of Parks and Rec deserves a big shout-out for all they do to create fun and interesting events all year long.

How do you get your community information? Can the general public submit to a calendar or a story idea?

Mostly people email me ( but I also keep my ear to the ground and watch Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter closely to see what’s going on around town.

Generally if people have a community event, they just enter it into our website themselves- the DigMB platform is very user-friendly and you are free to just go in and put it in the calendar – but people are welcome to email me as well.

Some of our MB10K participants will be coming from out of state and even out of the country, what do you recommend as the top 3 things they must see while they are visiting our beach town?

Fun question! It’s hard to pick just three.

Once the runners finish the MB10K they’ll be down at the Manhattan Beach Pier, which is definitely at the top of the must-see list… But instead of just looking at it, I’d also recommend that they walk out on the pier and take a few minutes to watch the surfers and sea creatures, and then look back toward land to take in the cityscape of Manhattan Beach.

For a second destination, I’d recommend that they start at the Manhattan Beach Library and walk across the Civic Plaza taking in all of the artwork…ending up at Metlox Plaza where they can stop for a coffee or a quick bite.

If they’re interested in checking out shops and restaurants, it’s fun to stroll through Downtown Manhattan Beach or El Porto to get a flavor of this lively beach town.

For someone who’s more interested in nature, I’d recommend heading over to Polliwog Park and strolling the grounds, checking out the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, and even popping in to the Manhattan Beach Historical Society’s Beach Cottage Museum (open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons).

Manhattan Beach has been creating quite a buzz in the food world, what are some of the most creative things you’ve seen coming out of the kitchens lately?

I love what Chef D has been doing at Manhattan House with the Junior Chefs program (partnering with Growing Great and local elementary schools to get kids’ garden creations on the menu). The program should be back in swing when the MB10K rolls around and school is back in session.

As a food writer (I also have a food blog called Jolly Tomato at I’m also thrilled that there are so many restaurants in town that are doing amazing things with fresh, seasonal produce. You’ll find seasonally changing menus at some of our town’s most acclaimed restaurants, including MB Post, Love & Salt, The Strand House…the list goes on.

There are many inspiring people in our community that are helping those in need and raising awareness for certain causes. Can you highlight a few of these charitable gems?

There are so many people involved in such great causes it’s hard to pick just a few. The P.S. I Love You Foundation just had an amazingly successful day on the beach with their Adopt A Child for One Day program to help underprivileged kids. Walk With Sally had another fantastic White Light/White Night event last month to support their programs for children whose family members have suffered from cancer. The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation is doing great things throughout the school year for our schools. And Grades of Green – which started here in Manhattan Beach –is now a national movement that’s changing the way our kids think about our environment. Then there’s the Neptunian Woman’s Club, Sandpipers, Manhattan Beach Rotary, Kiwanis… all of whom are extremely active in town. We’re lucky to live in a place where so many people place such high value on thinking beyond themselves.

Downtown Manhattan Beach

We love the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business & Professionals Association! They have several fun-filled community events during the year and we'd like to highlight their next one - the Sunset Beach Party on the AVP Skydeck. It takes place this Thursday, August 17 from 5-8 pm. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

dtmb sunset party.jpg

MB10K Bib Promotion

Tune in to our social media channels and website closer to race day to hear more on the local merchant offerings over race weekend when you show your Bib Number at participating businesses.

Please Note!

Online registration for the MB10K is going on NOW at and ends October 2, 2017.

In-store registration opens September 1st at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach and ends October 6th at 7 pm.


  • $30 Youth (14 & under)

  • $35 Adults

Image Credits:  DigMB & Downtown Manhattan Beach



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People That Spread The #MB10K Love


Lending A Hand

We reached out to 2 popular websites and asked if they would promote our race. They kindly did and we are so grateful for their help! Check out their promotions for the run:

Dig MB

South Bay By Jackie

Spotlight On Dig MB

Are you up on all the happenings going on in the thriving city of Manhattan Beach? If you’d like to be more in the know, visit Dig MB here. This website is dedicated to keeping the community informed about all things from beach volleyball to education to where to get some grub and all things in between.

The Birth Of Dig MB

Jeanne Fratello, editor, saw that there was a need for a daily news source for all the events going on in Manhattan Beach and wanted to create a real booster for the city and share the great and positive things that happen here.

Where Did The Name Come From?

A lot of ideas were passed around but they decided to go with Dig MB because they really dig and love this place. What’s not to love?! It’s also evocative of digs made in volleyball and the simple act of digging in the sand.

How Dig MB Spreads The Good News

Besides updating their website constantly, Jeanne aims to send out a daily email newsletter featuring an event or issue. She also manages their very active Facebook account as well as Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to follow them so you can stay in the know!

You can reach out to her through email or social channels to alert her about an upcoming event. Dig MB is here for you and is a resource for the community of Manhattan Beach.

Spotlight On South Bay By Jackie

Jackie’s website is another gem to read about happenings not only in Manhattan Beach, but all over the South Bay. Jackie’s site is bursting with information about where to dine, what events are taking place and even an internet radio show highlighting those making a difference in our community. We love her So Bae section which features links for tweens, teens & young adults!

Follow Jackie Here

Check out her website: South Bay By Jackie

Or on social: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Help Spread The Word

We would love if you could spread the word about the Manhattan Beach 10K Run! All proceeds go directly back to our community so the more exposure we get the more $$$ for our terrific town! You can send a tweet, a shoutout on Instagram or Facebook, a newsletter or whatever creative way you come up with! Tag us on social so we can repost and use #mb10k. Thank you for you help and participation in our event!

Early Registration For The MB10K

Pricing now - September 19th:

  • Register online at

  • $30 Youth (under 15 years old)

  • $35 Adults

Please Note!

Registration in-store at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach opens September 1st and closes September 30th . Online registration at will close on September 26th.


Image Credits: Dig MB & South Bay by Jackie

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Could You Use $1,000.00?!


Did You Know?

Did you know that the proceeds from the Manhattan Beach 10K Run go right into the community? Did you know that we award scholarships to Mira Costa High School Seniors? Thousands of dollars have been given to these deserving kids to help defray the ever-rising cost of college. Thank you for your participation in this run and assisting the students!

Meet Nick

Nick Zobel captained the Mira Costa Cross Country team his junior and senior year. He has run the race several times, quickly taking off for the starting line after belting out the National Anthem with the Mira Costa Choir.  He used the scholarship money that he received in 2011 to buy textbooks for his freshman year at U.S.C.

Why He Runs The #MB10K

Even though Nick now lives in Sacramento, working as an analytics specialist for the Sacramento Kings, he makes time to come back for the 10K. He says it’s a fun run that gets you out of bed early and has a beautiful course. It’s the perfect excuse for him to come home, get some exercise and reunite with friends at the Hometown Fair afterwards.

How To Apply For The MB10K Scholarship

The College and Career Center (CCC) at Mira Costa offers a Scholarship Notebook Program where they help seniors build submissions for scholarships based on their achievements and efforts over the course of their high school career.  The school posts all available scholarships and provides seniors with assistance in applying for them. A representative from the MB10K presents the scholarships at Senior Recognition Night in June.

Criteria For The MB10K Scholarship

  • Minimum GPA 3.5
  • Minimum 3 Years of running in the 10K or volunteering to help with the event.

Submission Requirements

  • Application completed and submitted to the CCC by the stated deadline.
  • Along with this application please include a copy of your transcripts, and letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, community members or employers.
  • All applicants must include at least 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher/coach/community member or employer.
  • All applicants must meet requirements of CCC including completing scholarship notebook
  • Applications must be turned in by applicant by deadline to the CCC. No exceptions. Do not pass through directly to MB10K, coach or other. Any applicant who does so will be disqualified from consideration.

Early Registration For The MB10K

Pricing now - September 19th:

  • Register online at
  • $30 Youth (under 15 years old)

  • $35 Adults

Please Note!

Registration in-store at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach opens September 1st and closes September 30th . Online registration at will close on September 26th.

We'll see you at the starting line on October 1, 2016!

Image Credit: Nick Zobel

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