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One Of Our Faves

The South Bay is fortunate to have many run clubs. One of our personal favorites is Club Ed! This group always has a huge presence at the #mb10k each year and we appreciate their support and participation.

We had the good fortune to interview the head honcho himself, Ed Avol and a prominent member of the club and elite runner in her own right, Nathalie Higley.

About Club Ed

Club Ed is a running club whose goal is to help runners of all ages and fitness enjoy the sport of running at all levels of speed, experience, and talent. It provides organized venues for members to train and experienced guidance to help runners of all levels improve. With a low-key approach to personal improvement fueled by each runner’s individual motivation, the club provides a way for new runners to meet other local runners, discover new places to run, and to learn and practice better ways to train. It also encourages support of the local running community by helping out at local races and encouraging members to challenge themselves through periodic racing.

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Our Q & A With Ed

When and how did you start club Ed?

I previously had coached the Manhattan Beach Track Club (MBTC) in the latter half of the 1980s, then moved away for a job opportunity. When I returned to the area in 1992, several former runners from MBTC approached me and asked if I would coach them again…so I did.

What is your running philosophy?

I approach running as a lifetime activity – at most any age, you can train and run and race, at a level of competition and achievement that you define for yourself. Running is social at times, and hard work at other times. Training–wise, I believe in a strong foundation of distance upon which interval training, recovery days, and a structured plan (instead of random running) combine to lead to personal improvement…but it comes from the individual – I cannot “force” you to run.

What is your favorite #mb10k moment?

Historically, a highlight for me was something we don’t do anymore -- running out and back on the pier (in the old days of the race) in the last rush to the finish. Nowadays, an annual highlight is getting to that seemingly never-ending last mile along the Strand, where the Finish Line doesn’t seem to ever be getting much closer…but you somehow get there!

What are your best tips to train for a 10k?

Give yourself time to build a base – trying to do this in a few weeks is a prescription for injury and frustration. For most any distance and any running, getting a training partner – someone with whom to share the highs and lows, someone to keep you “honest” in your effort and consistency, even someone to “guilt” you into showing up on those days you are dragging and don’t want to run – is the best thing you can do for your training.

What's your best race tip for a first time/novice runner for a 10k?

Have a plan … and work towards it. Preparation, consistency, confidence, and commitment dramatically improve the chances for success.

Our Q & A With Nathalie

Why do you run with Club Ed?

I always feel it is better to run with a group. The club is an opportunity to get together and train with people who are very friendly and have access to a very knowledgeable coach. There’s a need to be social, to be challenged and to be better and the club meet those needs. It also feels like a family and a social gathering, you see these people on a regular basis and you share a passion for running with them.

How many #mb10k races have you run?

I think about 17 or 18.

How many of these have you won?

12! (Way to go, Nathalie!)

What do you love about the #mb10k?

It is always nice to get to the finish and see the beautiful pier. It is a great course and a challenging course. I enjoy seeing all the people cheering you on and listening to the music and all the support along the way. It is fun and entertaining and always fun to head off to the Hometown Fair Beer Garden afterwards!

Save money & register before midnight tonight! (we’re talking 11:59 p.m. people) Fees increase September 20th!

2 ways to register:

  • Online at www.mb10k.com until 9.26
  • In-store at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach until 9.30
  • 1840 N Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Hours: 10-7 Monday through Saturday, 11-6 Sunday

Please Note!

  • No race day registration!

  • Walkers welcome
  • Please no strollers or dogs
  • Bib number pick-up at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach on:

                  Wednesday, September 28

                  Thursday, September 29

                   Friday, September 30

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