Frequently Asked Questions

Start Time:

7:30 AM SHARP!


The Manhattan 10K is a 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) race.

Are bib numbers mailed?

No, you must pick them up.

Lost, damaged bib you already picked up?

Don't panic!  We'll help you.  Please email us at including a copy of your confirmation if you registered online.  If you realize your problem at the 11th hour race morning, please go to the information table on the Greenbelt near the start line and we'll help. 

Need to exit city and want to avoid delays/detours during race?

Please see this MB10K Course & Exit Map  If you can keep from crossing the red course area while driving around town race morning, your life will be a lot easier!  If you have a very specific issue, please contact the MBPD at the number provided on the map.  

Drop Off & Pick-Up Location Recommendations

Please see the MB10K Course & Exit Map  and note the start and finish area.  The vicinity of 2nd Street/Ardmore is convenient for drop off for the start (your life will be easier if you avoid crossing the red course area on the map) .  After race pick up, anywhere near the MB Pier Area but out of street closures for race or Fair like Manhattan Avenue, South of 10th Street for example.

Is there a shuttle for parking?

No, we do not offer a parking shuttle for the race.  The Hometown Fair offers a shuttle but we are not affiliated with the Fair nor is there a drop off near the start like in years past.  For the Fair shuttle, please go to We are not affiliated with this shuttle and getting to the race on time is the participant's responsibility and no finish times will be adjusted for not arriving on time to the start. 

We recommend being dropped off, riding your bike or street parking throughout the community east or south of the race course.  Please see the race course map on this website for more information and note that streets on the course close at 6 AM so you will not be able to 'cut through' the race course area after that time.

Please see this MB10K Course & Exit Map for more info. We would appreciate if you could be quiet and courteous when parking in the community. 

Will sweat storage be available?


Is there a place to check a bag?

Sorry, no.


All finishers can pick up their t-shirts after they cross the finish line after the race. After crossing finish line, proceed through the finisher area and up to the after-race area on Manhattan Beach Blvd. Shirts are available at finish line area race morning and need to be picked up race morning before the finish area closes by being claimed with a bib number.

Shirt style and size are not guaranteed. Please immediately pick up your shirt after you finish to help assure what you want is available.

Is there a time limit for the course?

Yes.  Streets reopen to vehicular traffic on a rolling basis approximately at a 20-minute per mile pace.  Participants still on the course at this time will be required to move to the sidewalks and obey all traffic signals.   The Finish Line closes approximately 2 hours after the start of the race. Please note that participants who cross the Finish Line after 9:30AM are not guaranteed a finish time.

How is finish time recorded and awards determined?

Electronic timing is the most accurate timing system available and allows your time to start when you reach the starting line, instead of when the gun goes off. Age group awards are determined by strip timing device time. All strip timing devices are pre-activated and do not require race day activation. 

There is no alternative timing system and participants must be in starting area at 7:30AM gun time as the timing mats are not left on indefinitely (because of our course 'double backing' on itself the mats must be turned off shortly after the start) and participants must cross the timing mats prior to them being shut off in order to be included in race results.

Number of times/clocks on course:

6 with splits called out at every mile.

Race Results:

Race results will be posted at the finish line as they are processed after the race. Otherwise race results can be viewed at the MB10K booth at the Hometown Fair the weekend of the race.  Typically they are available within hours of the finish using links through this website.

When are results made final?

Results are published online by timing company typically hours after the race and links are on this website to the results. They are also typically available in hard copy print at the finish line during the awards ceremony immediately after the race, and at the MB10K Hometown Fair booth race weekend.  

For result corrections, please use our request form at the top of the front page of the current year's race results. The Sunday of the weekend after the race (7 days after race), results are final and official and no other changes or additions will be made. 


Top 10 finishers in each division qualify for an award including Team and 200 lb. division. Congratulations if you're one of them! There is an Awards ceremony immediately following the race, if you cannot stay, you can go to the MB10K booth at the Hometown Fair race weekend.  Mid-week after the race the medals are taken to Village Runner, Manhattan Beach for pick up. Awards must be claimed within 30 days. Any unclaimed awards are then recycled for future use.

Due to the expense of postage, we do not mail awards. You may send someone on your behalf to pick up your award.

Is the MB10K on Social Media?

Yes, please follow us here and when you post use #mb10k:

On race day we will have a Snapchat Geofilter for you to use once you cross the Finish Line, so please use it!




Race Photos?

Click here. The photos are put up about a week after the race and can be ordered from our event photographer directly.  The photo tab & info part of the website are updated with current year's photographer.

Photos from 2002 until 2012?

For the prior year's race photos, years 2002 through 2012, please contact the photograph company directly. You can also contact The Beach Reporter for archives of old newspapers.

2013 Race Highlights Video?

Enjoy at

Is there entertainment along the course?

Yes! Many bands and many fans!  We keep you well entertained along the route!

Individual Age Divisions:

  • 9-11
  • 12-14
  • 15-17
  • 18-23
  • 24-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80-84
  • 85-89
  • 90+

Special Division:

  • 1st Manhattan Beach Male & Female
  • 200 lbs. and over, Male or Female
  • All youth under 9 who complete the whole course will receive a ribbon.

Team Categories & 200 lb. Division
The MB10K offers 2-member team categories comprised of FAMILY MEMBERS only. Team categories are as follows:

  • Brother-Brother
  • Brother-Sister
  • Sister-Sister
  • Mother-Daughter
  • Mother-Son
  • Father-Daughter
  • Father-Son

Teammates need not run together. Medals will be awarded to the top 10 combined running times in each category.

To stay consistent with our age division awards we do not issue awards to teams with children under the age of 9. Under 9 year old participants receive a ribbon at the finish but are not a recognized age division of the race. Parent/guardian signature required for participants under the age of 18.

If you would like to be entered as a FAMILY team, please forward both confirmation emails (2) to and we will enter you as a team. Please be sure to specify which team category.

To be entered in the 200 lb. Division and you are =/> 200 lbs., please forward your confirmation to and we will enter you into the division.

Team or 200 lb. Division must be entered before race day if you wish to participate in these Team categories/division.

If you register in person at Village Runner you can specify at the time you register.

Sorry, no spousal teams. If you are running with a group of friends or co-workers or charity, have fun! We do not officially recognize or time any team categories except the above.

Leftover Race Shirts for Sale?

No, leftover shirts are donated to our Sister City in Mexico.  In the past shirts have been available for purchase, now they are solely for registered finishers or staff who work the race.  Come out and earn yours by running the race or volunteering! 

If you are looking to exchange a shirt for a different size/style, please email us immediately after the race so we can possibly help get you the size/style you want.

Registering a large group?

Our registration process is set up for individuals, as a signed waiver is required for each participant (parent/guardian signature required for participants under the age of 18). For that reason, group registration is not available. You can, however, distinguish yourself as a group by wearing matching attire. We love that kind of energy and the expression of community. Community is what we’re all about!


No, even the Race Committee Members who volunteer their time to make the event happen pay for their registration.  We strive to keep our fee low and it's too hard to decide who is discount-worthy or not, hence our policy.  Everyone pays (yes, even if you're a big group)!  Register early to avoid increased fees.

Special Bib Numbers for Prior Winners?

If you were a prior winner or division winner, we're happy to issue a special number for you at your request:

Bibs #1-40 available for past overall winners
Bibs #41-100 available past division winners

Upon request, first come first served.

Are entries fees ever discounted or waived?

Sorry, no.  Even the volunteers including the Race Director and Race Committee members who work all year long to make the race possible pay the race entry fee.  The proceeds are donated back to the community and the event is one of the very few left in the country that is entirely organized by volunteers.

Timing system: does it stay on my bib? YES!!

The Manhattan 10K is timed using a disposable timing system and all participants have their timing device on their bib number.  Pin your bib # to your chest/front and you're all set.

DO NOT remove timing strip from your bib; it must stay on the bib.

Participants must cross timing mats at start and finish in order to be timed.

Is There Race Day Registration?

No. Please register early. See race flyer for details regarding on-line and in-person registration. The last opportunity to register is in-person, until 7 PM (doors close at 7 PM) at Village Runner, Manhattan Beach the Friday before the race. Please don’t ask if there are exceptions — there aren’t!

Can We Email/Fax Registration Forms?

No. Options for registering are in-person at Village Runner Manhattan Beach or online through  There is nothing we can fax due to the electronic nature of the registration system.


Sorry we do not offer refunds.  Know that your entry fee is funding a non-profit race organized by volunteers and all the profits are donated back to the community of Manhattan Beach.

Is the MB10K a non-profit event?

Yes!  The proceeds go to community fitness-related causes and scholarships.  The Race Staff are all volunteers. Entry fees over the years have helped fund local par courses, the Mira Costa High School Track, The Strand Mile Markers and the synthetic turf at the Marine Avenue soccer field, the 2014 play structure at the Live Oak Park Tot Lot....just to name a few!


If you're looking to support the race with a product or service, please email us at  Please know that space is limited and to keep a variety we cannot say 'yes' to everyone.  Do email us for consideration.  We appreciate it!

Race Information:

If our FAQ's don’t answer your questions, please e-mail us at or you can leave a message on our race hotline:   310-374-2397  (email is preferred).

First Running of the Manhattan Beach 10K:

The first running of the race was October 1978.

Are there people who have run every race?

Yes! We call this special group of people The P.I.E.R. Group...that stands for Participated In Every Race!  The special participants are given a race shirt that is a different color than the current year's shirt to wear during the race so they can be more easily spotted.  Be sure to congratulate them on all their years of running!

Is there a 5K Race Too?


Course Records:

Julius Gidavuday ran it in 30:03 in 2002.  Laura Cattivera-White ran it in 34:33 in 1996.

Who organizes the Manhattan 10K?

The race is organized by a private group of individuals known as the Manhattan 10K Race Committee. Since the first race in 1978 it has been a volunteer effort and no one gets paid for the work they do organizing the race. There are approximately 30 committee members and some have been with the race since year 1.


The MB10K is one of the few 10K races in the US that is volunteer organized.  No one on the Race Committee receives compensation and all generously give their time throughout the year to plan the event.  In addition it's made possible with the support of the City of Manhattan Beach and a lot of fabulous community members who donate their time as well.  While we love the support of Village Runner, they're our 'hosts' for in-person registration,  race expo supporters, award pick-up and much more; they don't organize the event.  Please email the MB10K Race Committee any feedback/comments: or stop by our booth at the Hometown Fair the weekend of the race.  While you're on the course, please make sure to thank the volunteers along the way!

Is the Manhattan Beach 10K Run affiliated with the Hometown Fair?

The Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair is a separate event from the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and they always fall on the same weekend of the year. For more information about the Hometown Fair Events please see:

Is the course USATF Certified?

Yes, and you can access the certification from their website here or at

Can I run with my dog?

Due to extreme risk to other runners we do not allow participants to run/walk with their pets. Please respect this and leave your dog at home.

Can I run with a baby stroller/jogger?

Due to extreme risk to other runners we do not allow participants to run/walk with strollers. Please respect this and have your child and babysitter be your #1 fans at the race.

Walkers Permitted?

Yes at the same start time as runners.

Are rollerskates, inline skates, bikes, strollers allowed on the course?  

No. Due to extreme danger to other runners/walkers we do not allow these.

2016 Flyer and Shirt

Here's the flyer for the 39th running of the race!

2016 T-Shirt

We offered a white shirt that's a super soft, high quality cotton, in your choice of long or short sleeve.

2016_MB10K shirt-Flat_small-14x18final.jpg

Image credit: Dan Parson on Flickr